Boardroom and Conference Room design

Boardrooms for a business organization are regarded as decision-making arenas that control all the subsequent functions of the company. Normally, they witness, what can be said as, the most important discussions. Same with the conference rooms as well, except for the nature of the discussions. Not only the seating configuration but also the IT infrastructure and ambiance matter a lot in the boardroom/conference rooms. In the digital age, where information acts as a fuel for businesses, it has become inevitable for business organizations to rely on audio/visual assistance systems especially in boardrooms/conference rooms where decisions are powered by data and information.

Training rooms

At Awicon Technologies, we employ state of the art A/V technologies to transform your boardroom/conference room’s functional ability. With a team of experts, we ensure that every aspect of your boardroom or conference room meets and satisfies the needs of the end-users post-implementation. With our Audio-Visual solutions integrated into your boardroom or conference room, your company will experience smoother functions, ease of access technically and more sophisticated systems in place that also look great visually.
Here is a glimpse of our Boardroom and Conference room design solutions:

  • Wireless presentation systems
  • Interactive display systems
  • Sound reinforcement systems
  • High definition video conference systems
  • High definition multimedia display systems for crystal clear imagesCentralized control through an intuitive touch panel