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Our automation solutions increase productivity

Each physical element in your business organization affects the efficiency of your team. Be it a conference room or an office cubicle, your office space should contribute to the growth of your business.A lot of studies stressed on the importance of creating a conducive environment in the workspace, which plays a role in enhancing the efficiency of the employees and inspiring
creativity, which in turn drives your business to excel. At Awicon Technologies, we have tapped the cutting edge technologies to derive world-class workspace solutions for diverse industries.

Awicon technologies, with its proven and best-in-class solutions, could transform the way your office environment appeals to your clientele and investors.

Our finest Audio and Visual communication solutions enable enterprises and corporate businesses to enjoy-

Huddle rooms

Huddle rooms which are free from the communication hurdles.

Conference Rooms

Conference rooms which facilitate collaborative work environments and exchange of Ideas

HD- Video

HD- Video conferencing which allows the parties to have a seamless communication

Audio Conferencing

Audio Conferencing through VoIP or PSTN communication systems

You would witness not just a smart but an intelligent home.We let your luxurious home interact with our Smart AV solutions.

Room scheduling

Room scheduling systems, where the end-users can locate and reserve Huddle rooms, conference rooms, meeting rooms, or other co-sharing spaces. Our systems can be synced with the common enterprise calendaring systems.

Training rooms

Training rooms, which allow the occupants to interact freely and share thoughts, ideas, and other information through our AV solutions.