Design Engineering

If you are a business organization looking to make your office conducive to collaborative working, Awicon Technologies has every possible technology to support your idea. From system design to system Integration, programming solutions, and Maintenance, our services cover the entire gamut of design engineering.

The framework of Design Engineering:

Identify the scope

Based on the need and gap analysis, we identify the scope of AV services, which can enhance the efficiency, for your office/workspace


After identifying the scope, our expert team of certified professionals will come up with an AV design that best suits your office. Our team considers various things that include infrastructure, structural constraints, budget, operational procedures, and timelines while designing AV systems for your office area.


We would start building the AV systems according to the approved design and start testing them. We will set up a dedicated On-site team to implement the design. AV systems will be calibrated to your Office requirements by our Technical team, which is good at programming solutions.

System Integration

AV systems will be tested and validated before they get integrated into your office area. We ensure this process go smooth and user-friendly.

Taking the process to the next level

After necessary trails and checks, commissioning of the AV systems will be started. Once the testing phase is done with, your office can start enjoying the sophisticated AV systems.

The story doesn’t end there

The association between your company and our company won’t end with commissioning. We will provide your office maintenance team with documentation support and necessary training to maintain the commissioned AV systems. Our service department can assist you to resolve the issues that your office might encounter in the future.