Distance Learning centres

Distance learning technologies that help you transcend physical boundaries
Over the past decade, distance learning has seen growing popularity. With the advancements in the Audio-Visual communication technology, now it has become possible to access curated and high-quality knowledge resources in the comfort of home/college.
Awicon Technologies help you facilitate your students/employees with Distance Learning solutions that are effective, interactive and interesting. Using our solutions, it is possible to tap the worldly treasure of knowledge and virtually interact with professionals in real time. With our AV infrastructure solutions, it is even possible to create an interactive environment cutting across the boundaries. With our Cloud-based Video Conference systems and Intelligent Environment control systems, knowledge could be transferred seamlessly transcending physical boundaries. With such kind of AV and interactive systems in place, a student/trainee can interact with the trainer/professor, who is at a remote location, and clear his/her doubts.

For business organizations, educational institutions, and learners, our Distance learning solutions deliver an amazing learning experience at affordable costs without compromising the quality.

Features of new age Distance Learning Centers-

Amazing Audio systems-
Our Smart Audio system planning cancels out reverberations and unnecessary echoes, ensuring a clear and hassle-free communication.

Seamless Video systems-
Video systems that bear the test of fluctuating network and over-crowding with consistent high-quality videos.

Room for Interactions-
Education without proper interaction yields nothing. Awicon’s Distance Learning centers provide room for one to one interaction between trainers and students thus catalyzing individual learning and promoting flexible education.