The synergy of cutting edge technology and word class academics spark young minds

Experience contemporary learning possibilities with our AV solutions

The education sector has seen major changes in the past decade with respect to integrating technology with the academic curriculum. Especially, in the digital age, where Audio and Visual systems enable education centers and learning institutions to transfer knowledge in a more detailed, learning-friendly way. With cutting-edge technology centered around child learning, it has now become convenient and cost-effective for educational institutions, students, scholars, and trainers. At Awicon Technologies, we leave nothing to chance while delivering optimized AV solutions and services that allow effortless transfer of knowledge.

We pioneer in smart technology that shapes the education sector for optimum efficiency. This keeps us motivated to serve the education industry with the following solutions:

Interactive classrooms

Interactive classrooms with room for all students to interact, share and cherish the knowledge.

Digital Classrooms

Digital Classrooms which facilitates educational institutions to share the world’s best knowledge resource pool online to benefit students in all parts of the world

You would witness not just a smart but an intelligent home.We let your luxurious home interact with our Smart AV solutions.

Digital signage

Digital signage solutions that make it possible for educational institutions to share information, send alerts, and make announcements in an accessible way.

Video recording

Video recording and archiving of lectures.
Awicon technologies in education catalyzes learning with stimulating visuals and a vast resource of knowledge creating a more flexible and interesting learning environment for everyone.