Fire Alarm Systems

It is of utmost importance that all public spaces are equipped with necessary fire prevention mechanisms to bring down the chances of loss of life and property. Every year, millions of people die from burns caused by gas leaks and uncontrolled fire. Many statutory mandates are in place to make buildings comply with the fire safety measures. It’s better late than never. Rely on advanced fire alarm systems, which could alert and deploy fire extinguishing solutions promptly.

Awicon Technologies’ Fire Alarm Systems make it easy for businesses to fight fire accidents. With Smart Fire Alarm systems in place, potential fires are averted and even the minutest detection is burned out before breaking out in a big fire. Installing this tecnology in offices, restaurants, and homes can prevent destruction caused by the fire and aid evacuation. Our Paging systems can communicate emergency messages to the occupants to leave the place in case of fire emergencies. It is even possible to integrate our fire alarm Systems with HVAC, PA systems for a wider reach.