Paving way for the next-generation healthcare

Our automation solutions increase productivity

The growing demand for effective healthcare services is pushing the multi-billion-dollar industry to embrace new technologies. The world has been experiencing the new wave of technology like never before. The healthcare sector has been at the forefront in researching new ways to diagnose life-threatening diseases sooner and implement treatments faster. From profiling of patients to performing crucial surgeries, from admitting patients to administering telemedicine, and from counselling patients to conferencing through video channels, modern Smart technologies enable streamlined automated procedures to bring more efficiency into the healthcare sector. Awicon Technologies offer Smart Audio & Visual (AV) technology support in hospitals such as

Operating Room Integration

Helps facilitate the surgeons and hospitals to access information from external sources, customize the lights, temperature and ambience, record surgeries, conduct conferences, schedule Rooms, among many other functions.

Personalized patient wards

Hygienic and comfortable personal wards for recovering patients to take care of all their needs, with easy access to the medical team. Using our AV systems, patients can interact with doctors using video calling facility, listen to their favourite music, maintain a cozy temperature and humidity, switch lighting, report medical emergencies, among many other advantages.

Public Area services

With our Digital Signage services AV solutions, managing public communication is made accessible and hassle- free.

You would witness not just a smart but an intelligent home.We let your luxurious home interact with our Smart AV solutions.

Lecture halls and Auditoriums

With our AV solutions, hospitals could demonstrate their expertise by live streaming the surgery procedures, to use them for education and to avoid congestion in the operation theatres.

Control Rooms

Awicon’s AV services can help hospitals in monitoring and managing the assets and data on secure and centralized dashboards for efficiency and transparency.