Smart digital solutions to enhance the hospitality experience

Experience endless entertainment with our Audio-Video solutions

The hospitality sector, which covers hotels, lounges, and restaurants is one of the fast-growing sectors of the world. The growing industry focuses on delivering an unforgettable experience to their guests. In the process, it is looking at new methods and business models to attract the guests. Technology has its role here too. Especially, the Automation technology. From automated conference rooms to smart climate control, the hospitality industry is embracing the newest trends of tech.
At Awicon Technologies, we have expertise in developing world-class solutions for the hospitality industry. Our Audio-Visual (AV) solutions and services, allow your guests to experience the world of comfort and convenience. Our tailor-made solutions include-

Digital Entertainment

Use our digital entertainment solutions to play soothing music or create the ambience of your choice with the click of a button.

Digital Signage and Video walls

With our services, wait time will be less boring than usual! With our Digital signage and Video wall services, your guests can get to know the specialities of your place. The motorized shades help control the expanse of natural light coming in at all times of the day.

You would witness not just a smart but an intelligent home.We let your luxurious home interact with our Smart AV solutions.

Integrated Security

Our integrated security solutions promise uncompromised privacy and security. With our Intrusion alarm systems, your guests can enjoy their stay without worrying about their safety. Fire Alarm systems coupled with Intelligent HVAC systems let your guests feel safe even at the time of emergencies and intervene during mishaps with immediate effect.

Conference Room solutions

Our conference room solutions are an integrated package that ensures efficiency and new-age workspace functionality. The conference hosts can control the amount of light and customize the climate in the conference room with the help of automated climate control, among many other perks.