Huddle Rooms

Let our AV solutions absorb Huddle room hurdles
Soaring real-estate prices are one of the concerns many business organizations face in recent times. Thereby, they tend to optimize the office spaces to get more done in less. Not every business organization can afford boardrooms or conference room, given the space limitations but that doesn’t mean the business organizations have to compromise on the functional ability of their offices. Huddle rooms are regarded as the best alternatives for conference rooms and they show us the way forward. For the same reason, they are referred to as mini-conference rooms. Awicon Technologies can help your company create and manage their own Huddle rooms with tremendous technological solutions & services.

Takeaways from Interactive Training rooms

With our Audio-Visual solutions and services, your company’s Huddle rooms can take a new shape and add new dimensions to the existing work conventions. Wireless devices, automated lighting systems, unified communication systems, HD video-conference systems, and immersive audio conference systems are some of the services that will be integrated into your Huddle room.
The aforementioned systems can also be easily integrated into standard business software like Google Drive, Microsoft Office, among many others, hence making your Huddle rooms more collaborative and user-friendly.