Immersive Telepresence

Let technology bridges your communication gaps
In the age of the Internet, the world has become a global village, where the barriers of communication have been waning away. With the advancements in telecommunication technology, a corporate office based in Hyderabad, India, can easily collaborate with their branch in the United States of America using the telecommunication and video conference technologies.
Awicon Technologies is proud to have facilitated such collaborations with its Immersive Telepresence systems for many of its corporate clients.
With our Immersive Telepresence systems at service, corporate offices can easily build a conducive environment for collaborative work resulting in positive outcomes. Also, we make use of best of breed devices and systems to establish Immersive Telepresence facilities that include HD video conferencing integrated with Intelligent Lighting systems.

What you experience::

  • Real as life interaction- Immersive Telepresence systems ignore the physical boundaries and present a real as life interactive environment.
  • Intelligent lighting- An intelligent lighting system enables a crystal-clear communication and prevents from annoying glares.
  • High-Definition communication- Not just seamless, but the communication would be devoid of low-quality fluctuations.