Intelligent Lighting Control Systems

Intelligent lighting that transforms your interiors
Lighting solutions that bring your home to the limelight

Throughout the day, changing daylight creates different moods through the day. From the golden hour post dawn, to crisp morning daylight, to the incandescent evening light- your interiors change faces every hour due to how light pours in. That’s why lighting systems are an essential part of events, functions, parties, and social congregations. Attractive chandeliers, colourful LEDs, and even illuminated false ceilings breathe a new life into interior spaces. Awicon Technologies has an assortment of creative Lighting Solutions, which can help amplify the ambience as well as conserve energy.
Using our Intelligent Lighting Control Solutions, the cost of electricity to light your home will reduce drastically. Apart from energy conservation, our systems can be controlled using the touch of a button owing to Awicon’s automation technology. Our systems and devices can sense the real-time ambiance and relay the condition to the motorized shades, HVAC systems, which, in turn, change the settings to fit your mood. This process reduces your power bills and the intelligent sensors cut short the possibility of energy wastage when no one is around.