Maintenance Support

We understand how essential the Maintenance support is to our clients. That’s the reason, we power our staff with necessary skills, which empower them to act on Operation and Maintenance issues. We support our clients with:

01. Operation and Maintenance

Operating and Maintaining AV systems is one of the team-tasks, which our team can do it perfectly. Real-time issues can be easily sorted with our Operation and Maintenance services.

02. Standby Support for Warranty & AMC

Most of our AV solutions and systems come with warranty services. Our dedicated team of experts will always be there to resolve such issues. Also, we undertake Annual Maintenance tasks under Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC). Under AMCs, our team will periodically check the AV systems to close the gaps and resolve the problems.

03. On call service visits for Non-Warranty

Our dedicated team will visit the clients’ sites to attend problems when needed and upon request from our clients. After diagnosing the problems, our team will repair Audio and Visual systems to restore the quality of their output.

04. Staffing services

Most of the AV services require expert manpower. We help you find the right talent and identify certified professionals, who can maintain your AV systems onsite.

05. AV calibration

We help you experience the AV systems in their good form with our AV Calibration services. Our team will survey your site and devise a plan to reconfigure your existing AV systems thus completing the AV calibration process. In the end, we make sure a good ambience prevails in your place.

06. Preventive Maintenance

Under AMCs, we will maintain your AV systems and reduce the chances of them failing in delivering the intended output. The preventive maintenance service will be covered under the warranty services too.