Motorised Shading solutions

Interior solutions for an ambiance tailored for your mood
Are you a person who loves to indulge in the morning sunlight that enters your home through the windows? Are you a person who admires the beauty of the star-studded sky in the night? Are you a person who gets annoyed by the mid-day sunlight? A room’s ambiance is greatly influenced by the lighting. With the Awicon Technologies’ Motorized Shading solutions, you can automate the movement of shades to draw or let in natural light- depending on your mood!

With our sensitive one-touch systems, you can customize the settings of motorized shades and set them to change at the time of your choice. Using our remote-based systems, you can fix a particular time for the shades to open/close. Based on the set time, the amount of light in the room would get changed accordingly, hence, making you feel more comfortable. With our motorized shading solutions, comfort reaches another level.

Fabric Options

  • Eco-friendly- We have eco-friendly fabric options, where our shades are designed with recyclable and sustainable material.
  • Mold and Bacteria Resistant – Constant exposure to moisture leads to mold and bacteria colonies to weaken fabrics. This is not a concern with Awicon as our shades are constructed with mold and bacteria resistant fabrics that provide a layer of protection against damage and allergies.
  • Fire-retardant- Fire accidents could damage fabric shades. To counter such problems, we have a wide collection of fire-proof fabrics from which you could choose the right options.
  • Diverse Fabric options- Awicon’s motorized shades are available in an assortment of colors and designs, to suit all design sensibilities.