Home automation solutions for a seamless, secure and delightful home

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Home automation creates a network of major devices in your home in a way that their functionality is controlled by a cellular device. While home automation is a technological development, it stitches seamlessly with interior design and architecture. Your smart home gives you safety, convenience, control and savings all through the command of an app.

Awicon Technologies excels in turning normal homes into fully functional, dream homes. Our smart AV systems enable you to reside in a lively home, which includes:


Awicon is cutting edge knowledge. We are old school in our approach. We listen. We think. We solve, and We design. Awicon delivers. We create and simple solutions to help clients increase revenue without increasing overhead or operational expense.

Relaxing Bedroom

A Relaxing Bedroom, where your personalised home settings let you enjoy a pleasant sleep and an even better ambience. Using our Smart systems, you can turn on the outdoor monitoring camera, draw the curtain shades, and control the temperature and lights without stepping out of your bed.

You would witness not just a smart but an intelligent home.We let your luxurious home interact with our Smart AV solutions.

Outstanding outdoors

Outstanding outdoors, where the lights automatically switch on as twilight sets. Your smart home can also sync music, shut the doors or open them before you come, or alarm you against intruders.

Audio Surroundings

A jaw-dropping living room, where you could immerse in the world of entertainment powered by our Audio-Visual solutions with enriched sound and display quality.

Kitchen and Dining hall

A Kitchen and Dining hall, which are virtually connected to the rest of the home. Our Audio-Visual solutions could enhance your dining experience by playing your favorite music or controlling temperature.

Home Automation

While Home Automation still has a lot of scope, its present functions offer relief to senior citizens, people with security concerns or just a busy time schedule!