Room Scheduling

Make way for smart scheduling
In large-scale organizations, work is extensive and office spaces tend to be occupied all through the day. This creates an issue when impromptu meetings are scheduled or there is a lack of workspace for new projects to take off! This chaos due to the limited workspace can be greatly streamlined using Awicon Technologies’ Room Scheduling software.
Awicon Technologies has some wonderful and workable solutions in this regard. With our Room Scheduling solutions and services, your business process would be faster and hassle-free. With a centralized dashboard, you could check for space availability and block the required spaces in the comfort of your personal cabin or reserve them for future use.

  • With scalable solutions, you could reserve and manage all the accessible spaces like Conference rooms, Huddle rooms, Meeting spaces, Theatres, etc.
  • Our best in breed Room Scheduling solutions could be synchronized with the standard enterprise software like Google and Microsoft.
  • This will let you and your employees manage office schedules easily through personal devices like mobiles, tablets, etc.
  • With our visual display solutions, room availability data can be easily accessed.